Amanda Starling Gould, PhD

Instructor of Record, Literature & Digital Humanities, Duke University

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Amanda Starling Gould received her PhD from Duke University after defending her dissertation “Digital Environmental Metabolisms: An Ecocritical Project of the Digital Environmental Humanities” in April of 2017. Her project traces the complex intersections of digital media and the environment, and questions the absence of environmental thinking from digital theory. The project draws out the tangible impacts that our networked digital technologies are registering on the earth to recognize them as critical sites for digital media study. What becomes clear is that the daily use of our weightless, wireless devices becomes ethically-charged with heavy issues of labor, pollution, human health, and environmental sustainability. By rejecting the easy premise of the digital network as purely computational, we see that contemporary digitality is profoundly environmental. Her current teaching and research work investigates digital media, global environmental humanities, environmental justice, EcoCritical DH, digital/scholarly communication, sustainable humanities scholarship, and the critical intersections of digital materiality and the environment.

Environmental Humanities Digital Materiality Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship Eco-Critical Digital Humanities Digital Culture Digital Technology & the Anthropocene Network Ecologies


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