CHCI Medical Humanities Network

Research Projects

Curriculum Development

  • Cross-Disciplinary Minor in Disability Studies

    James Madison University

    Goal: To engage students in an examination of the many ways disability is defined and constructed.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Minor in Medical Humanities

    James Madison University

    Goal: To provide students with a humanistic and social study of illness, health and the body, by examining how individuals and institutions articulate and disseminate conceptions of the body, including constituent issues such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

  • Directory of Health Humanities Graduate Programs

    University of Texas Humanities Institute

    Goal: To provide a comprehensive directory of programs in the United States that offer post-baccalaureate degrees (masters or doctoral) or graduate certificates in the Health/Medical Humanities, including Bioethics.

  • Health Humanities Laboratory

    Texas A&M University

    Goal: The Health Humanities Laboratory examines emerging debates in the cross-disciplinary field of Health Humanities.

  • Health Humanities Undergraduate Pathway Program (B.S.)

    D'Youville University

    Goal: To describe the launch of an undergraduate degree program in Health Humanities in 2020.

  • Health, Humanities, and Society Minor

    Northeastern University

    Goal: To teach students to think capaciously and creatively about health using the rigorous, precise, and flexible skills and competencies trained by the social sciences and the humanities.

  • Health, Languages, & Humanities in the World Certificate

    University of Kansas

    Goal: To provide students the knowledge and skill to innovate in the multidisciplinary fields of global health and medicine.

  • Humanities in Medicine (HuMed)

    University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

    Goal: The development of a humanities curricular track.

  • Medical Humanities Committee

    University of Miami

    Goal: Explore ways to more intentionally incorporate the humanities into medical students’ coursework and co-curricular experiences.

  • Medical Humanities Field School

    University of Dar es Salaam

    Goal: To develop a collaborative field school for University of Dar es Salaam and University of Kansas students.

  • Medical Humanities Minor

    Miami University

    Goal: To establish an undergraduate minor in medical humanities.

  • Medicine, Literature and Society Major Track

    Columbia University

    Goal: To explore the biological, social, economic and cultural dimensions of health and medicine in a global and multilingual framework.

  • Medicine, Meditation, Narration

    University of Bordeaux, College of Health Sciences

    Goal: A new course, “Medicine, meditation, narration” has just been addressed in Bordeaux University to the fourth-year medical students to give them a chance to discover practices that can improve their abilities of attention, of listening and their empathy: they have been taught principles and practices of the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, and narrative practices.

  • Religious Studies for Health Professionals

    University of Arizona

    Goal: To teach future health professionals how diverse religious commitments impact experiences and understandings of health, healthcare, and the healing process.

  • Summer in Italy: Medicine and Science through Art and Literature

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Summer abroad program taught by faculty in Health Sciences and English.

  • Undergraduate Certificate

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Undergraduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Humanities, housed in Department of English.