Care for the Polis

Columbia University

To bring scholars, designers, curators, and caregivers from across the humanities, medicine and design to share their research and experience on the intersections of health, policy, publics, and the built environment.

Amidst a global foreclosure of the polis in the name of public health and public care, this platform aims to maintain and reimagine a conversation long established among humanists and designers, social scientists and health experts, artists, artisans and planners: namely, a conversation on Care for the Polis--on the relationship between medical practices of care, cities, and their publics--which is now rapidly evolving and taking on new urgencies.

In a series of weekly Z-Panels, our speakers will discuss the effects of health on the conception of cities and publics—including, in the context of pandemic, the foreclosure of public space and what it means to become an online yet domestic-bound public. Together, we will address emerging concerns such as economic impact and recovery, domesticity and democracy, public care and public reconstruction.

For full list of panels, see our website: Z-Panels are open to members of the Care for the Polis Collective and others by pre-registration. To register, please get in touch. 

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