CHCI Medical Humanities Network

Research Projects

Research Collaborations

  • Creative Health Collaborations

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Creative Health Collaborations is a hub at ASU that will develop and foster transdisciplinary, integrated appraoches to health. Partners: Mayo Clinic in Arizona, King's College and the University of New South Wales (PLuS Alliance), and Dublin City University.

  • Critical Medical Humanities: Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Medicine

    Colby College

    Goal: This project creates opportunities for Colby faculty to publicly lead in the field of critical medical humanities and supports their efforts to promote both scientific advancement and racial justice through their research and teaching.

  • Evolution of Child Health Interventions in Tanzania

    University of Dar es Salaam

    Goal: To examine the evolution of public health interventions which households, communities, states and Christian Missions devised to improve the welfare and survival of children in Tanzania from the late pre-colonial period in the 1850s to 2010.

  • Health Humanities Initiative

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Developing research capacity, bringing humanities programming to the clinic, and training residents in focused humanities electives. Collaborators: Center for Huamnities in Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

  • Health Humanities Laboratory

    Texas A&M University

    Goal: The Health Humanities Laboratory examines emerging debates in the cross-disciplinary field of Health Humanities.

  • Health and Medical Humanities Initiatives at the University of Texas-Austin

    University of Texas at Austin

    Goal: To develop a variety of medical and health humanities programming at our University, with the long-range goal of establishing a health and humanities center under the aegis of the UT-Humanities Institute in collaboration with Dell Medical School.

  • Living Assessments

    University of Kent

    Goal: Understanding the experiences and impact of health and social care assessments on children and families in the UK

  • Medicine, Race, Democracy Lab

    Rice University

    Goal: We engage with neighborhood institutions like community centers, churches, temples, charities, and schools that house clinics and offer services to patients seeking care beyond the Texas Medical Center.

  • Synapsis: A Journal of Health Humanities

    Columbia University

    Goal: Online journal in medical and health humanities, co-edited by Dr. Arden Hegele and Dr. Rishi Goyal. Visit us at medicalhealthhumanities.com

  • The Past, Present and Future of US Global Health Partnerships in Africa

    University of Washington

    Goal: This projet connects diverse faculty and international speakers to examine "partnership" as a programmatic priority and affective ideal in global health initiatives between the United States and African countries, and beyond. Details: simpsoncenter.org/mat

  • The Transformative Potential of Disaster: Ethics of Care in Puerto Rico after Maria

    Kalamazoo College

    Goal: Did health care workers’ experiences during and after Hurricane Maria transform their ethics of care?

  • Transitions: Living and Dying Well

    University of Tennessee

    Goal: To teach students about the meaning of death and the dead for the living, over time and across cultures; about the significance to human communities (past and present) of care; and about the often invisible emotional and psychological labor that care entails.

  • colLAB: Bridging East Africa's Digital Health Divides

    University of Kansas

    Goal: This humanities-based lab explores how virtual resources are transforming the ways East Africans experience health, global connections, and socila change. Partners include Community Tool Box and Mufindi Orphans.