CHCI Medical Humanities Network

Research Projects

Research Collaborations

  • Creative Health Collaborations

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Creative Health Collaborations is a hub at ASU that will develop and foster transdisciplinary, integrated appraoches to health. Partners: Mayo Clinic in Arizona, King's College and the University of New South Wales (PLuS Alliance), and Dublin City University.

  • Evolution of Child Health Interventions in Tanzania

    University of Dar es Salaam

    Goal: To examine the evolution of public health interventions which households, communities, states and Christian Missions devised to improve the welfare and survival of children in Tanzania from the late pre-colonial period in the 1850s to 2010.

  • Health Humanities Initiative

    Arizona State University

    Goal: Developing research capacity, bringing humanities programming to the clinic, and training residents in focused humanities electives. Collaborators: Center for Huamnities in Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

  • Health Humanities Laboratory

    Texas A&M University

    Goal: The Health Humanities Laboratory examines emerging debates in the cross-disciplinary field of Health Humanities.

  • Health and Medical Humanities Initiatives at the University of Texas-Austin

    University of Texas at Austin

    Goal: To develop a variety of medical and health humanities programming at our University, with the long-range goal of establishing a health and humanities center under the aegis of the UT-Humanities Institute in collaboration with Dell Medical School.

  • Synapsis: A Journal of Health Humanities

    Columbia University

    Goal: Online journal in medical and health humanities, co-edited by Dr. Arden Hegele and Dr. Rishi Goyal. Visit us at medicalhealthhumanities.com

  • The Past, Present and Future of US Global Health Partnerships in Africa

    University of Washington

    Goal: This projet connects diverse faculty and international speakers to examine "partnership" as a programmatic priority and affective ideal in global health initiatives between the United States and African countries, and beyond. Details: simpsoncenter.org/mat

  • The Transformative Potential of Disaster: Ethics of Care in Puerto Rico after Maria

    Kalamazoo College

    Goal: Did health care workers’ experiences during and after Hurricane Maria transform their ethics of care?

  • Transitions: Living and Dying Well

    University of Tennessee

    Goal: To teach students about the meaning of death and the dead for the living, over time and across cultures; about the significance to human communities (past and present) of care; and about the often invisible emotional and psychological labor that care entails.

  • colLAB: Bridging East Africa's Digital Health Divides

    University of Kansas

    Goal: This humanities-based lab explores how virtual resources are transforming the ways East Africans experience health, global connections, and socila change. Partners include Community Tool Box and Mufindi Orphans.