Medicine, Meditation, Narration

University of Bordeaux, College of Health Sciences

A new course, “Medicine, meditation, narration” has just been addressed in Bordeaux University to the fourth-year medical students to give them a chance to discover practices that can improve their abilities of attention, of listening and their empathy: they have been taught principles and practices of the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, and narrative practices.

The curriculum of the course has been adapted on Zoom because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Zoom was not only a way to give them that new course, it was also a means to support them to cope with Covid-19 Crisis since they were working at the same time in the hospital. The evaluation survey stated that 100% of the students were completely satisfied by the experience and they would recommend it to other students. This course is to be linked with the actions carried out by the Center of Research and Resource in Meditation and Hypnosis in Bordeaux Hospital which has proposed meditation sessions every day for physicians and caregivers during the Covid-19, and with a francophone collaboration with Montreal University, Laval University, Lisbon University and Antananarivo University on a research program about Physicians and caregivers suffering in that pandemic context. To finish, an international conference will be held in Bordeaux University, from November 25th to 27th, about “The indiscipline of medical humanities” in the presence of Rita Charon (

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