CHCI Medical Humanities Network

Research Projects

Symposia and Lecture Series

  • Chronic Conditions: Knowing, Seeing & Healing the Body in Global Africa

    University of Kansas

    Goal: To offer novel ways of thinking about the historical, cultural, and structural processes that have given rise to chronic conditions among Africans, African immigrants, and African Americans.

  • Death and Dying in the Medieval World

    University of Tennessee

    Goal: The 2019 Marco Symposium, held at the MARCO Institute for Medieval and Renaissance studies, will consider Death and Dying in Medieval Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

  • Explorations in the Medical Humanities

    Columbia University

    Goal: A lecture series and workshop exploring how approaches that emerge from a historiographical or intepretive framework are different from those coming from the physician's black bag.

  • Medical Humanities Seminar

    University of California, Merced

    Goal: We are seeking to introduce, expand, and complicate the meaning of the medical humanities and are excited about the possibilities for collaboration across the San Joaquin Valley in California, nationally, and globally.

  • Narrative Medicine Lunch and Learn (2018-2019)

    Wake Forest University

    Goal: To invite nationally recgnized writers, scholars, and artists engaging with narrative medicine to give readings and conduct capacity-building workshops.

  • Narrative Medicine: The Story, Health, and Healing Initiative

    Wake Forest University

    Goal: To present a broad look at narrative medicine, including narrative in clinical practice, curriculum and teaching, and honing practices of litsening, observation, and storytelling.

  • Producing a Worthy Illness: Personal Crowdfunding Amidst Financial Crisis

    University of Washington

    Goal: This collaboration studio grant examines health-related fundraising through crowdsourcing websites from the perspectives of public health, medical anthropology, and media and communication studies.

  • Stanford Seminar with Allan Brandt

    University of Miami

    Goal: Offer public and accessible lecture on the medical humanities and promote the understanding of medicine as a humanist profession.