Narrative Medicine Blog

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To virtually share resources in the humanities, literature & the arts to foster creative and reflective work to nourish individuals, build teams, and reduce social isolation.

In this time of crisis, our narrative medicine program is mounting a major effort to provide connections through the humanities to our global community and to clinicians on the front lines battling COVID-19. We will be virtually sharing resources in literature & the arts to foster creative and reflective work that nourishes individuals, builds teams, and reduces social isolation. We will be using this space to share texts, art, close reading and facilitation tips, and suggested prompts and guidelines for reflective writing, in the hopes that these exercises can be helpful in fostering a sense of connection and self-care during these uncertain times, as well as to provide tools for healthcare teams that assist with the emotional toll of responding to this health emergency.

Organizers and Collaborators:

Nellie Hermann, Cindy Smalletz, Joe Eveld

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