Mellon-Sawyer "Suffer Well" Lecture Series

University of California, Irvine

The Sawyer Seminar is a yearlong series that will offer lectures, symposia and presentations from invited speakers that explore human suffering in its various forms and to develop future scholarly projects that confront directly the place of suffering in human experience.

As part of this series, the following events were offered:

  • "Disability Studies and the Problem of Suffering" with Susan Schweik
  • "Illness as Method" with Patrick Anderson, Mel Chen, Lochlann Jain, and Lana Lin
  • "Swimming in the Sea: A Surgeon on Suffering" with Pauline Chen
  • Film Screening: The Cancer Journals Revisited with comments by filmmaker Lana Lin
  • "Suffering "Well" Across Communities of Color: A Comparative Conversation on Race, Ableism, and Disability Studies" with Mimi Khúc and Sami Schalk
  • "Unpacking Ableism in Our Lives: A Workshop on Developing a Disability Studies Lens"

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