Synapsis Covid-19 Special Issue

Columbia University

Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal has produced a special issue dedicated to the humanistic questions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal


Table of Contents


A Letter from the Emergency Room // Rishi Goyal
Synapsis Special Issue // Rishi Goyal and Arden Hegele

Culture, Narrative, Experience

A Primary Source Document for a Future Historian: The Early Days of the Coronavirus Pandemic // Claire Litt

Collection of Corona Narratives // Sasheenie Moodley

Nation and Governance

On Virality, Corona and Otherwise // Travis Chi Wing Lau

COVID-19 and Governmentality in Taiwan // Chia Yu Lien

The Endemic Pandemic: Ruminations on American Biopower under COVID-19// Erik Larsen

Pandemic Iconography

Behind the Beak: Plague Doctor Iconography in 2020 // Madeleine Mant

Pathogenesis: A Visual Diary of COVID-19 // Jac Saorsa

The Practice of Healthcare, Present and Future

Who Qualifies for Patient Care during COVID-19? // Emilie Egger

"Without a Patient for a Text": Medical Education in the Age of COVID // Steve Server

Feeling Remote: COVID-19 in an Isolated State // Brid Phillips

Pandemic Behaviors

Coronashame // Brian J. Troth

Why Hoard Toilet Paper? Dirt and Disorder in the 21st Century // Sarah L. Berry

Fighting a Pandemic: Camus' The Plague and the Physician's Struggle to Treat in the COVID-19 Outbreak // James Belarde

Synapsis is edited by SoF/Heyman affiliates Arden Hegele and Rishi Goyal and is housed in the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University.

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