To describe the launch of an undergraduate degree program in Health Humanities in 2020.

We have developed a Health Humanities undergraduate pathway program, in response to the current crisis and in anticipation of the opening of a Healthcare HUB on our campus in November, 2020.  The HUB will be providing care, including COV-19 testing, to a culturally diverse and primarily low-income zip code in Buffalo, NY.  It also will serve as a living learning lab for students so that they can practice their culturally appropriate service prior to becoming professionals. These projects, both the undergraduate program and the HUB, were in the works before the pandemic and both have been accelerated now in response to it.  The HUB will open sooner to help with the healthcare crisis front-lines.  The undergraduate program has been sent to New York State Education Department this month for (hopeful) launch in the fall to capture and retain students whose STEM-based pathways have been disrupted and to explicitly demonstrate the D’Youville value for humanistic healthcare service. 

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