Aging and its Tropes

Columbia University

The Columbia University project on aging “Aging and its Tropes” focuses on the study of “aging” as a concern brought together at the interface of elderly experience, care, and questions of social justice, as it brings together the medical and the carceral. Our research and discursive sites comprise both “complete and total institutions” and non-institutional settings: the hospital, the prison, the arts, the street.


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Alice Crossley, Melanie Zynel, Abigail Boucher, Leah Grisham, Jonathan Shears, Marta Miquel-Baldellou, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Susan David Bernstein, Peter Merchant. Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies Special Issue: Aging and Gender: Aging in the Nineteenth Century, 2017;

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Aminzadeh F, Dalziel W. Older adults in the emergency department: A systematic review of patterns of use, adverse outcomes, and effectiveness of interventions, in Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2002-3; Elsevier BV DOI: 10.1067/mem.2002.121523