Living Assessments

University of Kent

Understanding the experiences and impact of health and social care assessments on children and families in the UK

The project consists of 4 work packages: 1 explores the public representation of disabled and at-risk children’s health and welfare needs and assessments in the UK since the Children Act 1989, esp. the complicated relationship between ‘social’ and ‘health’ needs and provision, and the changing constructions of ‘risk’ and ‘disability’ within justifications of this provision. 2 uses oral testimonies to find out about the experiences and concerns people have had about the assessments of children. 3 uses contemporary administrative/patient records to explore how language and other social and structural factors shape assessment and service provision. 4 will formulate, discuss and, hopefully, implement ideas and recommendations for changes to national policy and practice.

Sponsoring Institutions:

Wellcome Trust, University of Kent, University of Cambridge, National Children's Bureau

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