Louella McCarthy, PhD

School of Medicine

I am an interdisciplinary, `community-engaged' scholar working in the fields of medical humanities and social medicine. My research intersects gender, history, social justice and health inequities, encompassing how social exclusion impacts health and wellbeing. My research is community collaborative and seeks to have impact beyond the academy, particularly for vulnerable and marginalised communities. My primary disciplinary interest involves the changing nature of medicine and its practice over time. This work incorporates the study of both practitioners and patients, and the ‘spatial’ through sites of medical practice and the influences of place for people. The development of public and community involvement in teaching and researching medicine is integral to my work. Engaging students in understanding and applying a humanities perspective and its importance for medical practice focuses my work. My PhD was awarded by UNSW in 2002 for an investigation of the changing place of women in Australian medicine. I co-edit with Dr Amanda Capern (Hull University, UK) the Gender and History series for Palgrave Macmillan. A former President of the Australian and New Zealand Society for the History of Medicine (2011-2013) and currently national Councillor. I co-edit Exhibitions reviews for the journal Health & History and serve on the Editorial Board of the journal Metascience. I am a Director of the Board of the Australian Social Investment Trust.

Gender; incarceration; heritage; history


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