Martina Zimmermann, PhD, PhD

English, King's College London

Martina Zimmermann is UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer in Health Humanities and Health Sciences. She trained as a pharmaceutical scientist, specialised in neuropharmacology and holds a Habilitation in Pharmacology from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. Her scholarly interests have increasingly shifted towards the Health Humanities, and she researched for a second PhD in the field at King's College London. Her first book, The Poetics and Politics of Alzheimer’s Disease Life-Writing, appeared with Palgrave in 2017 (Wellcome Trust funded open access). Her second book, The Diseased Brain and the Failing Mind: Dementia in Science Medicine and Literature of the Long Twentieth Century, will be published with Bloomsbury in Summer 2020. Martina currently explores the dynamic exchange between scientific, medical and literary representations of senescence.

The influence of literary trends and cultural concepts on medical and scientific researchers to study health and disease; focus on neurological conditions and ageing; various visual and textual media, cultural contexts and languages.


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